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Please check carefully that you have ordered exactly what you want and with correct spellings. If we make a mistake we will of course send replacements.

Stampanames and Multistamps cannot be refunded but if there is a genuine fault they can be exchanged.

Please go to www.nametags4u.co.uk/returns-policy to see our returns policy in full.

Most orders will be posted using Royal Mail 1st or 2nd class post.  During August all orders made before 2pm Monday to Friday will be shipped the same day.  During the rest of the year orders may only be posted out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday. Orders made late on Friday will not be dispatched until the following Monday (or Tuesday if there is a Bank holiday). 

Unfortunately NOT ALL 1st class post arrives the next day (only 93% according to Royal Mail). For guaranteed Next Day delivery please choose Special Delivery or call us.

Once the orders have left us and are in the hands of the postal service, they are completely out of our control.  Royal Mail ask customers to wait two working weeks before assuming items are lost  so please allow a little time before becoming concerned if items don't arrive.  If you have not received your order within 10 days please contact us.

Most orders can be tracked and traced.


Not really but...the longer the name, the smaller the lettering so it may be worth considering having just an initial and surname, especially if you also want a logo.   You will see a preview of the name tags before completing your order. Occasionally we will alter the label layout to make it look better.  If text is too long to fit comfortably on a label we may use two lines instead of one. 
Yes, no problem.  If you require two lines just type them in.  In fact we recommend two lines for the SupaSticky name tags.
Yes.  Please type in the text with any accents you need.
The Supasticky labels can have coloured backgrounds and coloured text and pictures.  However all other labels have white backgrounds - but can be printed with coloured text.
We believe that plain and clear fonts such as Arial bold are easier to read.  However we do offer a small choice and you will be able to select your favourite when designing your label.  Please be aware that although a lovely font, Comic Sans is not so good with longer names and the lettering will be smaller.  If you need something completely different please call or email us and we will do our best to help.
Yes.  Clear, simple logos show up the best and the ones we recommend can be found on the website.  If you would like something that isn’t please call or email and we will do our best.
No.  The clips are so tiny and flat that they do not rub against the skin or irritate.  They are even suitable for underwear.
The SupaSticky labels are extremely hard-wearing and dishwasher-proof.  They will go through the dishwasher over and over again.
Customers are sometimes surprised by our sew on labels as they are not the traditional woven type.  Ours are printed - however they are NOT paper.  They do feel a little like paper but try and rip them and you’ll find it impossible!  They are therefore extremely strong, very effective and do not fray.
This may be possible depending on the size of the order.  Please call if you think you may eligible for some discount.
Yes.  There is nearly always a human available to answer your call !  If you get an answer phone please leave a message.  We will normally get back to you very quickly.
Yes. Please send all the necessary details to 0871 9895323.
Yes. We give 20% of sales to a school who promote our labels.   It only takes a few minutes to sign up, is very simple and is a great way to raise funds.  Please call or email for details.
Yes.  Just enter your delivery address rather than the billing address into the customer details section.
If they are coming off in the wash the most likely thing is that they weren’t applied with a hot enough iron.   It can be a bit tricky to tell at first because the name tags do sometimes appear to be stuck on but in fact if the glue on the back of the label hasn't melted sufficiently then the label will come off.  If this is the case, they need to be re-applied with a hotter iron.   It is true to say that the iron mustn’t be too hot otherwise it will melt the label.  However, it does need to be hot enough to melt the label backing so that it adheres onto the material.
Yes, although due to the constant rubbing of feet this is where they are the most vulnerable.  For extra durability Shoe Label Protectors can be purchased and put over any name tags in shoes.

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