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Sew on Labels

Strong modern printed Sew-on Labels that don't fray

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The 21st Century Sew on Label! Even in this day and age you will still need a needle and thread (or a sewing machine) but this label material is extremely strong and won't rip or fray. Don't be surprised when you see it - it is printed and not embroidered so looks a bit like paper - but it's not! 

All our sew-on labels can be printed in a range of coloured fonts, with background colours, little pictures - or you can even upload your own photo!

The sew-on labels will withstand washing at high temperatures

The labels come on a continuous strip 60mm wide. They need to be cut with a sharp pair of scissors.

RAF and Military Labels

For our special RAF and Military Kits labels where the sizes and quantities are stipulated by the Forces please visit our RAF labels section.


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