Labels for Residential and Care Homes

Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Residential Homes

Do you know someone who is about to move into one?

Hundreds of residential homes use our name tags.

Moving into a hospital or Residential Home, whether it is long term or just for respite care, can be a difficult experience and we do our best to make it easier.  It is very distressing when loved ones are found wearing clothes that don't belong to them but sadly, this happens all too often.

Do you work in a Care Home?

If so you will be aware of the difficulties faced in laundry rooms and the problems caused by lost property.  Why not join the long list of Care Homes who order name tags from us and help reduce your lost property ?  We have a special online ordering system for Care Homes who order regularly.   It's very simple - You just log on with your unique password and order whenever you want to.  You can see your account and check any past orders and outstanding invoices.  Please give us a call to find out more.

Types of Tags

Easyfix Clip on Labels

The most popular nametags in Care Homes and Residential Homes are our Easyfix Clip-ons The advantage of these is that they withstand washing at the very high temperatures which are often used in Homes.  They are attached with a tiny clip, so tiny that it is hardly visible and does not rub or irritate when on a garment.  They are suitable for use on all clothing, even socks and underwear!

Click here to see our video on how to use them:

Main advantages of the Easyfix clips:

  • They withstand very high washing temperatures often used in Homes.
  • They don't require any ironing or sewing
  • They are quick and easy to apply
  • They can be done anywhere – no need for a power point, ironing board or needle and thread - clothing can be labelled over a cup of tea, chatting with a resident or watching TV!

Boxes of clips only can be purchased separately as some people like to attach the label to the clothing with a clip at each end, rather than looping the label and just using one clip. Either way works well.


It's just a normal stamp - except the special textile ink means that it won't run in the wash!  The Stamp is printed with the name of the resident and can even be engraved with a little logo.  It should last a very long time but if the ink does run out then you can just buy a replacement ink pad for £4.00.  We also sell Stampaname packs with 30 Clip on Labels - these are useful if there is dark clothing to label.

Stampaname Multi - for Care Homes who take it upon themselves to label residents' clothing.

Similar to the Stampaname and perfect for Care Homes who label the residents' clothes themselves, as this Stamp comes with interchangeable name strips.  This means that you only need buy one Stamp and it can be used for many different names.  A very cost effective way of labelling clothing for Care Homes.

Sew Ons

Some people still prefer Sew on labels.  These are printed rather than embroidered but are equally popular.

Iron Ons

A few of our regular Residential Homes are perfectly happy with Iron on labels but depending on the temperatures at which laundry is washed they may come off.  They can also be less resistant to industrial tumble dryers.  This is why we generally recommend the Easyfix Clip ons but if you prefer the idea of Iron ons why not give them a try?

Stick Ons

Our Stick on labels are also very useful for non-clothing items such as bags, slippers, glasses cases and all the personal items that residents may have with them.