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Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Residential Homes

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For Coronavirus and more information about how our company works with the care industry please see below.

The Easyfix clip on name labels are the most popular product used in care homes. They can be applied in seconds and do not require any sewing or ironing.  Extremely durable in hot washes and industrial driers, these name tags are invaluable.

Customers also love the StampaName - this is a clothing stamp that can be used on clothes and put through the wash thanks to their special ink which doesn't wash off.


Do you know someone who is about to move into a Home?

Whether it's long term or just respite care, moving into a Care Home can be a difficult experience and we do our best to make it easier.  It is very distressing when loved ones end up wearing clothes that don't belong to them but sadly, this happens all too often.  Using our name tags on their personal items will help prevent this.

Do you work in a Care Home?

If so you will be aware of the difficulties faced in laundry rooms.  Why not join the long list of Care Homes who order name labels from us and help reduce your lost property ?  We have a special online ordering system for Care Homes who order regularly.   It's very simple - you just log on with your unique password and order whenever you want to.  You can see your account and check any past orders and outstanding invoices. If you would like to find out more about how easy it is to get labels for the elderly in nursing homes, please call on 01242 519191.




Since March 2020 people in Care Homes and their families have had a very difficult time.  We have  done all we can to help residents and their relatives, and we hope that there is now light at the end of the tunnel.  However if you need advice on which are the best name labels for people in care, or just need to chat we are very happy to lend a listening ear. 

We wish everybody well and hope that this awful pandemic will soon be over.

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Many companies sell Name Labels but very few have a website dedicated to Residential Homes. Not only have we been operating the longest but we know first hand from personal experience that the process of moving into residential care is often difficult for everyone involved. That’s why we try to help with the seemingly small task of labelling personal items. Avoid your loved one's clothes from going missing and save yourself a lot of money as well as stress.

Our Name Tags are used in hundreds of Care and Nursing Homes.  We can either supply the Care Homes direct or the families of the residents.