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Personalised Gifts

Personalised Gifts for Christmas - and all year round!



Personalised Gifts are really popular these days. 

And it's so much easier than it used to be!  Technology allows it these days.  There was a time where you could find the odd personalised keyring or bowl but if your name was anything other than very popular then there was no chance of a personalised gift.  Today, there is a huge variety in both personalised gifts and names - names from other countries, names with unusual spellings, even totally made up names!

Of course you can get any name you like on our Sticky SupaTags, Iron on labels and other name labelling products - but there are also more fun gifts that we offer.  See below for an idea.

Christmas Eve Boxes are really popular now – to be filled with treats and prezzies whether it’s for a cosy Christmas Eve waiting for Santa, or for that special day. They will hold a selection of pyjamas (very popular in boxes), chocolates, sweets, bath bombs, socks, jewellery, DVDs – you name it!  And yes you do NAME IT because the boxes are engraved with a name of your choice.  They come in two different finishes – natural bare wood or varnished!  An eco-friendly gift too.


Then there’s the wooden spoon personalised with your own special message.  Great for the best Grandmas, the best cooks, the best anything – or even the worst!


Mug Shots!  Do you have your favourite mug at home and don’t like sharing?!  Or do you work in an office where all the mugs end up in a big pile in the sink (or in the dishwasher if you're lucky).  No one wants to wash them up so they get left.... And everyone knows about the grubby tea-stained office mug – yuk!  Personalising your mug will prevent this and in these times of social distancing keeping your own mug to yourself is really important.  Our Mug Shots come 12 on a sheet. Like our Sticky SupaTags these stickers are completely waterproof and dishwasher proof.  So stick that face onto the side or the bottom of a mug…  never to be used again by anyone else!


Engraved colouring pencils and writing pencils are still very popular and we now have new improved quality ones.  They are useful all year round and again in these times of keeping your distance and limiting contact they are a must.