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The Name Stamp Evolution

How our StampaName and MultiStamp came to be!


A few years ago we found ourselves thinking there must be a quicker way to label clothes than sewing them on. Our Iron Ons work a treat and Sticky Name Labels are great for non-clothing items but what about for the parent who needs SUPER speedy labelling?

We came up with Name Stamps! First the Single StampaName and then the MultiStamp!

The Single StampaName is the fastest and easiest way to label clothes we’ve ever created. Although, unlike Iron Ons, you can’t personalise it with colours and photos, you can still add a logo, the ink will stay on permanently and the inkpad will give you countless impressions. If you ever do run out of ink you can order an extra pad without having to even buy a new StampaName!

Then came the MultiStamp! We used the same idea as the Single StampaName but made it easier for families with more than one child to be able to buy a stamp without having to buy multiple StampaNames. The MultiStamp can fit up to 4 names on one stamp and just like the Single StampaName extra inkpads can be ordered if you ever run out of ink!

The only problem we could think of was how black ink would show up on black clothes. Well there are two simple solutions! Firstly, most clothing will have a white care label that can be stamped onto. If not, we also offer an add-on of 35 blank white Iron on labels that can be ironed into the cloth and then stamped onto! Or, even better, printed labels at a very discounted price!

So we think we’ve perfected the craft! For those who want maximum personalisation and style, Iron Ons and Sticky Name Labels are ready to serve, for those who want maximum cost and time efficiency, the StampaName and MultiStamp are waiting patiently!