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The quickest way to name clothes


One of our most popular products is the StampaName and its counterpart the Multistamp! These two stamps are easy to use and help you to stamp your clothing easily and quickly – speeding up the labelling process. For those of you who aren’t a fan of ironing or even sticking, the stamps are for you!

The StampaName! This is our original stamp product, with space for one name and put together by our own team with special textile ink. The ink (if you’re interested in the actual technicalities of this!) is absorbed into the fabric, meaning that it won’t fade or wash out. All we ask is that you wash the clothing before stamping as that removes any traces of chemicals in the clothes and assures that the ink will stay on!

And our Multistamp! This is our newest stamp product and allows you to have up to four names on one stamp – making it both cost effective and easy - great for bigger families. This stamp works just as the StampaName, with specific textile ink, so your clothes can go through hundreds of washes without the ink fading! In ordering the Multistamp, you get the ink pad (also put together by our lovely team!) included with your stamp block and first name strip, all within the £18 price, then it’s only £4 for every extra name.

Customers often ask how many garments can be stamped before the ink runs out and how many time the ink can go through the wash.  It's difficult to say exactly but it should be a good few hundred! 

If the ink does run out replacement ink pads are available.

Another common question is 'does the ink show through'.  If you are stamping onto a thin white material like a shirt then it can show through a little.  However very often there is an area where the material is thinner such as under a collar so you can stamp there - or at the bottom of a shirt where it won't show.  Most people don't really mind though even if it does show slightly - they would rather this than lose items of clothing!

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