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Fund Raising for Schools

Raise Money for your School and Reduce Lost Property

Lost property in schools is a perenial problem. Our labeling systems will help reduce the problem. Why not work with us to promote our company and we will give your school 25% commission on every sale.

Here's how it works – it's simple!

1. Register your school or PTA by contacting us

Once signed up we will create an account for you and provide you with a unique link.

2. Promote our services

Encourage parents to minimise lost property by ordering name tags from NameaTags4U. Use your school website, newsletters, social media and emails to publish your link.

3. Earn Funds

For every purchase made through your unique link we will give you 25% of the sale. This amount is automacally credited to your account.

4. Track your earnings

You can easily view your credit balance at any time by logging into your account. Here, you'll also find informaon of each transaction made using your link.

5. Convert credits into cash

Whenever you're ready convert your accumulated credits into cash. Just contact us and we will promptly

transfer the funds directly into your association's / school's bank account.


Email - [email protected] or Call - 01242 519191

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