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Labelling bedding and other items in rented accommodation is really important

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If you work in a hotel or manage holiday home lets you will know how important it is to label bedding and other items. It's especially useful if the bedding and towels go off to a laundry to be washed. Labelling sheets, duvets, pillow cases, towels and other items will prevent laundry room mix ups and will also speed up making beds! No more headaches as to what's a single sheet, what's a double, what's a king size - and more!

We supply ready made iron-on labels for bedding, with standard sizes in sets of 26. If you want a set of these just add a note to let us know whether you'd like Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King, Emperor or other

You can also design your own labels with names of rooms, cottages, anything you like.

Our StampaName clothing stamp is even easier and quicker to use! It uses special textile ink that goes through the washing machine time and time again. And if ever it fades too much, just stamp again!

Easyfix Clip-on labels are also a good way of labelling bedding and towels

And finally the Sticky Supatags are great for any other items that might need labelling.... crockery, cutlery, or for displaying useful or important information.


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