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Easyfix Clip-on labels

Labels that fix onto clothing for quick identification

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Easyfix clip-on labels are used to personalise and identify clothing. They are attached with a tiny clip and are suitable for all clothing and garments.

A best-seller in Care Homes

Very popular for school uniform

Also perfect for sports kit and all other clothing

Can be printed with coloured text and/or coloured backgrounds.

Can be used on bedding

Unlike some big chunky button-type labels that can rub or irritate the skin, these labels come with very small clips that don't irritate.

  • Quick to apply
  • Withstands very hot washes
  • Very popular in Care Homes
  • Tiny clip doesn't irritate skin
  • Size of label - 74mm x 12mm
  • Price includes labels AND clips
  • No need for sewing or ironing - can be done over a cup of tea !

Easyfix Clipons

A step by step guide to using Easyfix Clipons

How to use Easyfix Clip-on Labels

Full instructions will be provided with the labels.

In brief :

  • push the pin part of the clip through the garment and label
  • push the cap down over the stem
  • snap off the stem so as to leave a clip that doesn't irritate
  • you will be left with a tiny clip which holds the label in place.
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