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Trying New Things

Some more activities for you to try! 



January is nearly through and many of us will have made resolutions that we may have (or haven’t!) managed to stick to! What about encouraging your children to try new things?  

It can be tricky sometimes to even get kids trying new foods, let alone a new activity – so we’ve come up with a few fun things you can do with your little ones to get them moving and being adventurous!

  1. Woodland walking

Of course, not everyone has a nearby wood, but even if you’re just heading out to the park – why not take them out and see what you can find! You could ask them to collect as many different leaves or items as possible, and then try and identify them together when you get home. Maybe they’re future bird watchers? Or maybe they’d just enjoy a run around – whatever you decide to do, getting out and having fun is always a hit.


  1. Baking

There’s a lot of fun to be had baking, but why not try something new! Find yourselves a recipe and see what the craziest thing you can make is. (If you manage something spectacular, why not take a picture and send it to us on Facebook or Instagram)


  1. Golfing (Mini or Crazy… you decide!)


Who doesn’t love a bit of crazy golf? Okay, perhaps some of you don’t, but you never know until you try! Why not see if there is somewhere nearby you could try out this new skill, and maybe you’ll find a future golfing star in your family! If you think golf isn’t something your little ones will enjoy, you could always try out another sport – see if there’s something more out there to try out, perhaps handball or something similar!


  1. Getting Crafty


Are your children potentially future artists? Why not take it up a level and have a go at pottery painting? Or maybe you could even take a chance at making the pottery itself! There may be somewhere near by for you to put these potential new skills to the test – but otherwise, why not buy yourselves a kit? Whatever you decide to do, we would love nothing more than to see your creations, and you can send them to us via our Facebook or Instagram pages. We may even exhibit some of your creations!


Hopefully that’s a few ideas for trying something new – let us know if you do anything that you particularly enjoy and we can share it with everyone else!


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