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Secret Santa

Trying to find a small, but meaningful gift? Here's some ideas...


It’s true, I did already write a blog post about presents but this one is totally different I promise. We’re talking about secret Santa this time, which has been for many years a brilliant way of reducing spending and pressure with present buying. A lot of people have some kind of Secret Santa thing started with their friends, and some within their families too. But you still might be faced with a dilemma of having too many people to buy for, or someone you don’t know so well – or perhaps you’re just looking for something small for your boss. Whatever your situation, here are some ideas that just might help.

  1. Home baked Goodies

If you’re a star baker in the making, why not bake up some festive treats? Gingerbread, biscuits, peppermints and fudge are all fairly simple to make – and they look great when you package them nicely. You just need a glass jar (recycled jam jars work pretty well!) and some festive ribbon to tie around it, and you’re done!

Need some recipe ideas? Head over to the BBC Food webpage for ideas! (


  1. Fill up a stocking

There are lots of stores which sell stockings, and you could fill them with all sorts of fun bits and bobs – sweets, chocolates, candles or mugs! Obviously, it depends on your price limit, but there are lots of little things you can get to fill up your stocking. Then you’ve got a festive, fun present to give to anyone!


  1. Something more sentimental

With the wonder of the internet, there are plenty of websites which allow you to print out photos; so why not find one or two (or more!) special photos of you both, and have them printed? You could frame them, or maybe even put your faces on a mug! Maybe you have a holiday you’d like to showcase in a photobook? Whatever you decide to do, that personal touch is bound to go down a treat.


So there you have it – a few ideas to get you started on those Secret Santa present ideas. As always, be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram where we have loads of deals and competitions going up regularly!


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