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Seasonal Businesses

Are you looking to start a new business?

It’s been a while since we wrote anything on our blog.  That’s because our business is fairly seasonal and winter time is pretty quiet for us – so we’ve been lazy!

We were wondering what other businesses were seasonal and found quite a list.   If you’re looking to start a business but don’t want to work all year round then you might interested in some of these.


Food Van

In fair weather, a burger van or ice cream van is a great business to run. Summer fetes, parks, country shows, retail parks and beaches are all places where customers will happily queue for a tasty bite to eat.

Outdoor Adventure or Exercise

Summer is a great time to be in the outdoor adventure business. You can offer anything from guided hikes to guided bike rides – or organised walks or runs in the park.

Personal Trainer or Coach

From tennis coach to a weight-loss personal trainer, motivate people to make fitness and a healthy lifestyle their priority. When the weather turns cold, focus on marketing your business to the New Year's resolution crowd.

Lawn Care

If you like to be outside, you could start a lawn care business offering mulching, mowing, and raking services all through the summer. Take winters off, or if it’s a cold winter switch to snow and ice removal.

Chimney Sweep

Homeowners with wood-burning fireplaces know it's important to have their chimneys swept for safety. Work through the autumn and winter as a sweep and enjoy some time off in the spring and summer when your customers won’t be lighting fires!

Professional Organizer

After a long winter, people are often incentivised to clean and declutter their homes. As a professional Spring-Cleaner, you can help them.  It’s often less of a chore for people if there is someone to help – and someone whose clutter it isn’t!  So people will often be happy to employ a professional.  Visits to the tip or charity shops might also be included if you have a fairly large vehicle.

Halloween and Christmas

Although these types of business are only profitable for a very short time, you can rent some space on a short-term basis and start a business to hire out or sell costumes – or even do it from home.  Costumes are quite cheap these days and after the initial outlay you can use the goods over and over again. 

Similarly you can rent some space to sell gifts, or trade online.  A lot of local artists and craftspeople will be more than happy for you to promote their goods. And it’s the busiest shopping season of the year.

Tour Guide

If you live somewhere with a lot of local historical or geographical interest, why not plan some tours and take people round.  If you live in a touristy area even better!  Ghost tours are another popular experience if you can find some haunted locations!

House Sitter

Look after of pets or plants for people on holiday.  You may need to get some references so that people are happy about you staying or going into their homes but hopefully this won’t be difficult and the more you do the more references you’ll get.

Mobile Grocer

If you have access to a vegetable patch or allotment, you could operate a seasonal business offering local produce. You can set up at roadsides, advertise locally in shop windows or on local internet sites and offer a delivery service. You may even be able to sell to local grocers.  Organic is extremely popular these days!

If you already run a seasonal business we’d love to hear about it.  Email us on info@nametags4u.co.uk


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