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Presents for Teachers

It's nearly the end of term!


Do you find yourself under pressure to buy teachers an expensive present from your children? A school in Wales has decided to ask parents not to buy any presents for teachers, in an effort to not put pressure on parents who find themselves struggling at Christmas. It seems most teachers are more than happy to not be given gifts at Christmas – even if the occasional chocolate box is nice, they might not appreciate thirty!

One primary school teacher decided to ask parents to instead donate, and the class would put together a delivery for the local food bank. That seems to be the best of both worlds, as parents are able to give something in appreciation of the teacher’s work, while also giving towards a worthy cause that will in turn help others. Other teachers have encouraged parents and pupils to donate to charities, such as Save the Children, where they can learn about those who are less fortunate than themselves.

Having asked you all what you think on our Facebook page it seems like there’s a lot of ideas out there for what the best thing to do is! Lots of parents are more than happy to give gifts to the teachers who have worked so hard, and to show their appreciation. A few of you also said that your little ones would feel bad not giving their teacher a little something – and some of you teachers out there said that the most precious gifts are the thoughtful, homemade treasures.

Whatever you plan to do for presents, it’s always true that something heartfelt is the most meaningful. So whether that’s a bottle of something and a homemade card, or a donation to a charity – whatever you decide to do, I’ve no doubt it will be just right. Hope you’re counting down the days, remember you can contact us on Instagram and Facebook! Merry Christmas!


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