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Parenting Podcasts

Some top podcasts to get you started 


Now I love a good book, probably more than most (I’ve just finished all four books in The Raven Cycle in a weekend … oops) but podcasts are by far the next best thing. Easy to listen to, informative and perfect for entertainment while you’re trying to do other things. So, while I compile a list of my favourite, here’s a list of some parenting podcasts in the meantime –

  1. Zen Parenting

In this podcast, married hosts Cathy Cassani Adams and Todd Adams bring their different perspectives to the various topics they discuss. I say different perspectives because Cathy believes she is more driven by emotions, while Todd feels he has more of a logical mind. They believe that parents who are more aware of their own selves will raise happier children. Some previous topics include dealing with pain, and the importance of words and images for children.


  1. Manic Mommies

There aren’t any more episodes of this podcast, but there are still plenty to enjoy! 405 of them in fact! It gives advice on how to be an effective parent, even when feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Their episodes have been downloaded over 4 million times, so that really says it all!


  1. For Crying Out Loud

Stefanie Wilder-Taylor and Lynn Corolla cover a range of topics in this podcast, all thought-provoking and all still guaranteed to make you laugh. They offer real-life experiences and are incredibly entertaining to listen to as well.


  1. Mom and Dad are Fighting          

These two Slate editors are a mum and a dad (though not together!) and talk about their parenting experiences in an honest way that is both relatable and humorous! They take calls from listeners with parenting questions, and also have guests hosts for different topics. Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois provide a great duo and are well worth a listen.


  1. The Longest Shortest Time

This parenting podcast is hosted by Hillary Frank, and was originally for new parent – but now includes help for teens, grown children and adults who are wondering whether or not to have children themselves. There are regular contributors, and a whole rang of topics is discussed.


So there are a few parenting podcasts to take a look at – or a listen to! Maybe you have a parenting podcast you prefer? We always love hearing from you, and you can get in touch via our Facebook or Instagram – and be sure to check out our (fairly) regular blog updates on our website –

Happy podcasting!