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Sticky and Iron on Labels


We have several types of labels here at NameTags4U, but our most popular products are our Stick on and Iron on labels. These work so well on all kinds of things and will stick on firmly [“These are great, they have lasted really well and never come off” -  Claire W., customer]

Stick Ons:

These are our basic labels, and can be customised with your preferred fonts, colours and pictures too! They stick on absolutely anything, from lunchboxes to bookbags, water bottles to sun hats. You can put them through the dishwasher without fear of the labels peeling off, so if things do get lost those items should come back to you!

They come in all sorts of styles and designs, so you can create them with your child and be sure they’ll love the labels as much as you’ll love not losing things! Our Stickers can also be used on uniforms (they must be stuck onto the care labels of garments though!) and most customers find they are durable through many, many washes. We can’t guarantee this 100% due to differing types of care label materials and temperatures, but what we can guarantee for uniforms is the Iron Ons…

Iron Ons:

Our Iron on labels are perfect for your children’s uniforms. You can be sure that your chosen colour will stand out against the fabric, and as the labels are infused into the garment, there’s no worry of them coming off! In fact one customer told us our Iron on labels are almost too good – “I donated all their old uniform to the school last year and I keep getting in back because people can’t get the tags out!” [J. Smitherman]

(we do have a way around that if you are wanting to hand your used uniform on to another home – you can get a set of blank labels to cover up the old ones for a discounted price, but that’s not for now!!)

We send out your labels with a sheet of silicone paper designed to help you transfer the label to the garment, as well as with instructions on how to get the best result. There’s virtually nothing that can get these labels out of clothing (apart from maybe some scissors!) so once they’re in you’ve nothing to worry about!


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