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Summer 2018

Meet the Team!


The Summer holidays are here and we’re busy printing your labels! During Summer we need more help and so we have a small team especially brought in for their expert labelling experience. Sort of. Mostly they’re just students trying their best.

We’re a family run business - created by husband & wife duo back in 2002, operating out of their garage – a small business that has grown every year to the point of moving out to the office space we now operate out of. Since the beginning, lots has changed and every day we are trying to come up with new and innovative ways to make things easier and quicker.

Working year-round to keep things going we have Alex and Mari. As a duo they work to make sure your labels all have a top-quality finish and are sent out as quickly as possible. Once your labels have been printed, they need to be packed, which is where Pam and Jo come in. Pam has been here since the beginning, and Jo almost as long! They work all year, packing up your labels and stamps, addressing them and making sure everything is included and is correct. If anything slips through – don’t blame them! They have to read hundreds of labels a day, so occasionally some are missed, but we always do our very best to get your labels to you precisely how you want them.

Then when summer comes, our students return. This year we have Jonty, StampaName extraordinaire and printer prodigy. He’s been here for four years now, and as I write this he is drowning in StampaNames, putting each one together by hand so that we can guarantee they are of the best possible quality. Also, on our team for his second year is Justin, who is doing a bit of everything – StampaNames, Multistamps, packing and addressing. He keeps us all chatting away, even if our choice of radio station isn’t always to his taste! Lastly, we have Susannah, here for her third year with the company, who in addition to packing and posting has taken over (most of!) the social media -Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and yes, this blog too) We have daily posts, offers and competitions for you to get involved with over on Facebook, and you can find us here: @nametags4u.

So that’s the NameTags4U Summer team! We’re all working hard to make sure the products you receive are of the best quality and are just what you wanted, we hope you enjoy our products and will come back for more.