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More information about iron on labels

Our Iron on Labels are Excellent - well we would say that wouldn't we ?

But they really are!

However…… although we have been selling many thousands of these labels for several years and have a huge number of repeat orders, we do get the occasional complaint and if this happens it is always the same thing….  The customer will say that they followed the instructions ‘to the letter’ but that the labels then fell off or started to peel off after a wash or two.

We would therefore like to address this issue:

Yes, it can happen – but we know that it doesn’t happen when the labels are applied properly (and indeed we get far more customers asking how to remove the labels when they want to pass the clothes on!).   However it can be difficult to tell whether the label has been applied properly and this is where the problem lies. 

If the labels do come off after washing then it is because the temperature on the iron wasn’t hot enough when they were pressed on.

It can be tricky to tell however because…. It is possible to press the labels on and they appear to be nicely stuck on.  However, if the heat on the iron isn’t hot enough then the adhesive on the back of the label (which is what makes it stay on) won’t have melted properly and once in the washing machine it will start to come off.

If this happens, the labels can be pressed on again with a hotter iron.

Too hot an iron will cause the label to discolour or crinkle so it is important to get it right.  This all sounds very complicated but it really isn’t !

Another couple of tips:

  • Steam must NOT be used
  • A pressing cloth can be used but it isn’t necessary and if using one it is even more important to make sure the heat is high enough as there is an extra layer of material to get through.
  • Once you think the label is well stuck on it is worth trying to pull it off with a fingernail.  If it’s really impossible it should be ok. 

Some customers have told us that the labels are not good on Teflon material (sometimes used for school uniform trousers)

Some customers have told us that the labels don’t stick well on the care instruction labels. 

We haven’t found either of the above to be a problem but we do like to pass on any comments that are made to us – and we always welcome any feedback.

We test the labels regularly and use them on all sorts of fabrics and materials that are washed over and over again.

There is no doubt that they will stay on for years and years on all types of material – towels, school clothing, underwear, even tights and swimming trunks. 

More Info

  • The labels should withstand a washing temperature of up to 60 degrees.
  • They are fine for use in domestic tumble dryers though do not usually withstand the heat in industrial tumble dryers. 

We DO NOT recommend the iron on labels for Care Homes or for establishments that wash in very hot temperatures.  This is because the melted adhesive that holds the label onto the garment can melt in the hot washes. 

Having said that – some Care Homes do use the iron on labels without any problem – but most use our Easyfix Clip On Labels.  These are very popular for Care Homes and you can find more details of these on the website.

When buying Iron On Labels you will receive full instructions on how to apply them.

Below are the basic instructions

  • Set iron to Dry mode – do not use Steam
  • Make sure the heat is on high – but not so high that it causes the label to discolour
  • Place the label on the garment and hold the iron on it for 10 – 15 seconds 

It’s that simple !