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Blank Iron on labels

Blank Iron on labels and their various uses

Iron on name labels are usually printed with a name and often with a little picture or even a photo.  They are brilliant for school uniform, especially for identifying lost property - and for stopping it getting lost in the first place.

For clothing they are probably the best name labels you can get as they go on every type of material and on every colour and they really do become part of the garment when applied correctly!



You may wonder why we also sell BLANK iron on labels!  These have lots of good uses and here are just a few:

As they are slightly bigger than our usual Iron ons, they can be used to cover them up if you are passing clothes down or giving them to charity. Most people won't want to give clothes to charity if they have their child's name still in them - and most people won't want to buy clothes that have someone else's name in them!  The beauty of the blank iron on labels is that you just iron them over the top and cover up the name.


Blank iron on labels can also be very useful if you also have a StampaName or MultiStamp.  The stamps are a great and very quick way of labelling clothing - but perhaps not if the clothing is dark because the ink is black. If you have a dark piece of clothing then you can first stamp onto the blank iron on label - again it is a little bigger than the stamp impression so it's easy to do. Then just iron the blank label onto the clothing with the name stamped onto it.  Ironing over the ink also helps to seal it and it won't fade.   Just be careful not to smudge it at all!


Another advantage of blank labels is that you don't have to have a whole set of labels printed with the same name.  If you have more than one child you can write on them and put their different names on them.  Be sure to use a good quality laundry marker pen. You buy one from us.  We stock the Pilot laundry pens as they are very good.


You may also want labels to label your bedding e.g. single sheets, double sheets, king size sheets. We do sell sets of printed bed linen labels (in packs of 12) but unless you own a hotel you probably don't need this many ! So again, you can write on the blank labels.


Our blank iron on labels measure 4cm x 2cm.  This makes them just a bit bigger than our printed iron on labels or the Stampanames - making stamping on them, and ironing over very easy!