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Game Night

A few ideas for those evenings indoors... 


As the nights get darker, perhaps you’re looking for ways to entertain the troops – maybe you have family coming to visit, or just looking for some other entertainment than the TV! Here are some fun ideas for a games night (for all ages!)


  1. Movie Charades

This is a classic, and so easy to play! All you need to do is write out a bunch of movie names onto pieces of paper (you can find pre-made packs online, or print some out!) and then split into however many teams and get going! You can of course branch out from just the movies, and try anything – make it appropriate to whoever is playing and you’ll be guaranteed a lot of laughs!


  1. Spoons

Another old favourite! For this one you just need a pack of playing cards and enough spoons for all but one of the people playing. Sit in a circle with the spoons in the middle (equal distance from everyone!) and begin with 4 playing cards in your hand. The aim is to get four cards of the same suit by passing one card to the person on your right continually, with the beginning person picking up from the remaining deck. As the cards are passed you can choose to keep the ones which fit the suit you’re trying to collect, and when you have four of that set, discreetly pick up a spoon from the middle (or as boldly as you like if you want to cause chaos!) When the other players notice a spoon is missing they must try and grab one, and whoever doesn’t get a spoon is out. Beware of sharp finger nails…


  1. Pictionary

Such a fun way to spend an evening – you’ll need paper and pens/pencils, and some pre-written suggestions of what to draw. You can find some online to print off, write them down yourself or buy the board game – which ever works best for you! Then all you need to do is split into two (or more) teams, choose a word and get drawing! Good luck!


  1. Things

For this game, you start with one person being ‘it’. They will say a statement such as “things you shouldn’t do at school”, and everyone else writes on a piece of paper something that shouldn’t be done at school. The person who is ‘it’ collects up the answers and reads them aloud. Then go around the group and everyone must guess a match of an answer with a person – if they’re correct they get a point and then person whose answer is guessed is out of that round. Keep going until there is only one person left, and they are rewarded with three points. You can continue for as long as you like, but be sure to add up points as you go and then you’ll know your winner by the end!


Hopefully you’ll enjoy one or two of these games! As always, we love hearing from you so please do send us a message via our Facebook or Instagram. And remember, we have regular competitions which always include a 15% off voucher with the winning prize – so be sure to like and follow us.