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Fortnite Troubles (& stickers!)

In-app purchases are costing parents lots of money


Fortnite seems to have gripped the country for adults and children alike, with many spending hours playing the online multiplayer shooter game. However this isn't without a cost - both monetary and metaphorically! Many parents are finding their children are spending huge amounts of money without having any restrictions on in-game purchases. 

Fortnite has mild violence and is aimed at children aged 12 and over. Some are questioning whether this is an acceptable age for children to be playing a game that is largely violent and destructive. As well as this, many children (some younger than 12) are unaware of the cost that their purchases are resulting in, with some kids assuming they're spending game credits instead of actual money. 

However there are ways of stopping the in-game purchases (such as adding extra passcodes and making sure your children know the repercussions of their purchases) but despite this, there could be even more problems with the game. Some parents find limiting the time allocated to playing the game is beneficial - but some disagree with the themes of the game altogether! 

Despite this, lots of people across the world have been enjoying the game, joining up with people across the planet in teams to reach their goal - and as such a lot of kids are big fans of the game! So to fill this interest we are working on some Fortnite (and Minecraft!) stickers - so be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram to keep updated. We also have regular offers and discounts for you - so stay tuned!