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DIY Alphabet Book

Teaching your little ones the alphabet


This is an idea that someone else came up with, but we thought it was so great it was worth sharing!

Alphabet books are a great idea for helping your little ones to learn their alphabet. While ordinary alphabet books are great, why not make something that is more personal to your children using a photo book.

There are of course lots of companies which allow you to print your own photo books – so why not have a look and see which you like best! Then begins the fun (or perhaps stress) of finding 26 things, all corresponding to letters of the alphabet, and all of which have meaning to your children.

With most photo book companies, you should have the opportunity to add text either onto the photo, or somewhere else on the page. With this, you can sort through the full layout of the book going from A – Z! If you’re looking for suggestions, then head over to this blog page to see how it’s done!


As always, let us know if you’ve given it a go! We would love to see how you’ve got on with everything! You can find us on Instagram @officialnametags4u or on Facebook @NameTags4u



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