SupaTag School pack

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52/52 Simple Supatag School Pack - £12.00
52/52 Standard Supatag School Pack - £13.75
52/52 Superior Supatag School Pack - £17.00

Super-handy - for the best of both worlds get the SupaTag school pack. The packs contain both Iron on labels for clothing and Stick ons for everything else - shoes, bags, beakers, bottles, pens, pencils - you name it!

The SupaTag Sticky Labels are dishwasher and steriliser-proof.  They measure 36mm x 14mm.

The Iron on labels are very easy to apply.  They will last the lifetime of the garment and survive the harshest of treatment.  These also measure 36mm x 14mm.


Choose from plain black and white, crazy colours and cartoons or fun photos and personalised pictures.  Bold and brassy - can't be missed!

It is very important when uploading photos just to use the face and a good quality photo.

We offer three price options :

Simple - £12 for 104 labels (A plain white label with black text)

Standard - £13.75 for 104 labels (A white label with a choice of font and coloured pictures)

Superior- £17.00 for 104 labels  (A full colour label with coloured background, fonts, pictures and with your own picture or photo option).





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