SupaTag School pack

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52/52 Simple Supatag School Pack - £12.00
52/52 Standard Supatag School Pack - £13.75
52/52 Superior Supatag School Pack - £17.00

This school pack consists of 52 Supatag Iron on labels and 52 Supatag Sticky labels.

Smooth, bright and glossy, the SupaTag Sticky Labels are dishwasher and steriliser-proof and so can be used on beakers, lunch boxes and bottles as well as in shoes, bags and almost anything!  Due to their flexibility they are also perfect for pens and pencils.  They measure 36mm x 14mm.

The Iron on labels are very easy to apply.  They will last the lifetime of the garment and survive the harshest of treatment.  These also measure 36mm x 14mm.

We have a great selection of full colour pictures or you can even add your own picture.  You can also upload a photo of your child's face!  This is great for young children who haven't yet learnt to read.  No other company offers this facility.   It is very important when uploading photos just to use the face and a good quality photo.



We offer three price options :

Simple - £12 for 104 labels (A plain white label with black text)

Standard - £13.75 for 104 labels (A white label with a choice of font and coloured pictures)

Superior- £17.00 for 104 labels  (A full colour label with coloured background, fonts, pictures and with your own picture or photo option).





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