SupaTag Sticky Labels

From £6.50

52 Simple Supatag Sticky Labels - £6.50
52 Standard Supatag Sticky Labels - £7.95
52 Superior Supatag Sticky - £9.50

The SupaTag Sticky labels are extremely hard-wearing and very robust. They will go through the dishwasher time and time again and can be used in shoes, on bags, beakers, bottles and even on most care labels in clothing (although we don't guarantee they stay on these).  Also perfect for sticking round pens and pencils.

They come with a choice of coloured backgrounds, coloured fonts, pictures and you can even upload your own child's face !  This is great for children who can't yet read as it means they can still recognise their belongings.   It is very important when uploading photos just to use the face and a good sharp photo.

If using the labels in shoes you can also buy our clear shoe label protectors to put over the top of the labels. This will give them even more durability when under hot sweaty feet! Click here to see them.

Simple - £6.50 for 52

Basic Black & White LabelClick here and start building your Basic label

White labels printed in black Arial font.

Standard - £7.95 for 52

Click here and start building your Standard label

White labels printed in a choice of colours, fonts and a colourful picture.

Superior- £9.50 for 52

Full colour label with photoClick here and start building your Superior label

Name Tags with a full  coloured backgrounds, coloured fonts, coloured pictures and the ability to upload your own picture or photograph, 

Brand new! In Stock