RAF Tags - Printed or Blank

RAF tags for uniform and RAF kit  £5.00

50 Printed Sew on Labels - £5.00
50 Printed Iron on Labels - £5.00
50 Blank Sew ons + Laundry Pen - £7.50
50 Blank Irons + Laundry Pen - £7.50
25 Printed Iron ons and 25 Blank - £5.00
25 Printed Sew ons and 25 Blank - £5.00

The iron on labels measure 5cm x 1.5cm.  This is the size specified on the RAF kit list.  The sew on name labels measure 6cm x 1.5cm which doesn't seem to cause any problem.  However if necessary they can be cut down.

Labels are usually printed with a surname in CAPITALS followed by a service number.  If you don't yet know the service number we can leave a space for it to be written in.  Alternatively BLANK name tags can be ordered and written on using our Laundry Marker Pens. If you only require blank labels please tick the 'I would like blank labels' button when creating your label.

Iron ons are popular as they are quicker to apply and once they are ironed on they can also be stitched at either end for extra security.



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