Printed Sew on Name Labels

Pack of 50 Sew ons - £6.00
Pack of 100 Sew ons - £9.00
50 Stick ons & 50 Sew ons - £10.00

PLEASE NOTE: THESE LABELS ARE PRINTED AND NOT EMBROIDERED.  Printing rather than embroidering the names on sew on labels enables speedy production and 24 hour dispatch. The label material is similar to that of a care label - it's paper thin but unrippable! Although different to traditional sew on labels they are very popular and they are NOT PAPER!  The labels measure 60mm wide x 12mm high. These labels are the same as those sold with the clips. To make life even easier we also sell needles and thread! 

Sewing tip! Instead of stitching all the way round the name tape, fold it in half and stitch at one end only. Names can be printed in black, blue, red, pink or green  However for the boldest look we recommend black.  We don't usually print logos on sew on labels due to having to leave a margin around the name for the stitching.

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