Easyfix Clip on Labels

Pack of 50 Clip ons - £9.00
Pack of 100 Clip ons - £17.00
50 Clips ons & 50 Stick ons - £13.00
100 Clip ons & 50 Stick ons - £20.00
50 Clip ons with extra box of 50 clips - £12.00

Easyfix Name Labels are by far the most popular name tags for residential homes and also a favourite with mums.  The time-saving name label can be applied in seconds. Each label comes with a special clip enabling the label to be fastened onto the garment. The clips do not irritate and can even be used on underwear!  They're so easy to apply!  No sewing, no ironing.  click here for instructions on how to apply or watch video below (method 2 is easier!)

If a name is short enough to be printed and fully visible on the left of the label, this is how we'll print it.  Names can be printed in black, blue, red, pink or green.  We don't print logos on clip on labels due the margin needed for the clips.

Easyfix labels are definitely the ones to use on garments if they are going to be washed at very high temperatures such as in Residential Homes, or put into industrial tumble dryers.

If you want to handwrite the name on yourself then please order blank labels. These are ideal for use with our Pilot Laundry Marker Pens.

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