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Decorating for Christmas

Are your decs already up? 


It’s the 14th December and finally, finally we are putting up our decorations! Everyone has different traditions of course, different days and different decorations. Are you an outdoor lights kind of person? Or a traditional red and green only colour scheme person? We have all sorts in our house. And this year has begun the campaign for outdoor lights, if only because we are the sole house in our street without a dazzling display, making us look rather Scrooge-like!

How long do you tend to keep your decorations up? Maybe you prefer them down straight away after Boxing day – a no nonsense approach! Or do you let them stay until January? Perhaps there is even the stray row of fairy lights that has somehow managed to stay up for at least a few years now… not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. Whatever your plans I’m sure they are looking delightful and festive!


Today I have chosen a festive shirt, in honour of decoration day, and am immensely looking forward to a wrapping myself up in tinsel while I much a mince pie. Time to feel fully festive! 

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