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Cosy After School Activities

Need to keep the little ones occupied? Here's a few ideas!


nights are getting darker, and that extra hour already seems a distant memory! So, here are some warm and cosy ideas to get through these next eight weeks…


  • Blanket Forts!

Blanket forts are a great way of keeping everyone occupied for a few hours, and then providing a cost spot to watch a film or have a sleepover! Obviously, you can only use what you have at your disposal, and in whatever space you have but here’s a basic plan to get you started!

You’ll need:

Blankets/sheets (fitted are great if you’re using chairs!)
Table/sofa/bed – whatever you can use as a sturdy base
Pegs or tape

** Be sure to clear out any breakable objects, or anything that could fall easily – we don’t want anyone getting hurt!**

Step One:  spread out a large sheet over the furniture you’re using as a base. If you can use a fitted sheet that’s great – otherwise you may need to peg, tape or tie to secure!

Step Two: Drape the sheets over other pieces of furniture to add more room to the fort. You can overlap sheets if that helps – or secure them with more pegs!

Step Three: Find a chair or something tall to prop up the middle of the sheet (avoid anything that could fall easily!) and adjust to your ideal height!

Step Four: Fill up your fort with more blankets, cushions, beanbags and anything else you’d like!

Step Five: Enjoy! Bring in your snacks, laptop, board games and anything else for a cosy night in


  • Winter picnics

Its definitely not the weather for having beach picnics (unless you’re incredibly British and used to munching your sandwiches in the car, looking out at the sea) but that doesn’t mean you can’t try! Why not get a bonfire going, take out some mugs of soup, hot dogs or other easy food and sit out with it. Warm yourselves and have a tasty outdoor meal too! (Just try and be sure it wont rain any time soon!)


  • Marshmallow Faces Hot Chocolate!

These are very simply and easy, but a fun addition to a warm mug of hot chocolate.

All you’ll need is:

Large marshmallows
edible food marker
paper straws



  1. Take the large marshmallows, and let the kids draw little faces on them – as many as you dare let them have!
  2. Put the marshmallows on the straws
  3. Pop them (and any extras!) into the hot chocolate, and stir them in