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Christmas Presents

Need a plan to tackle present buying this year? 


Is it too early to start talking about Christmas presents? Not according to several of my friends, some of whom have already finished their present shopping well in time for the 25th. I am not that organised (I’ve brought one so far, for my brother who is the easiest person to buy for in the world) so to get myself into gear, and hopefully help others in the process, here’s my plan for Christmas Present buying 2018!

First up: Lists

The best way for me to organise who I need to buy for is to make a list of everyone I’m planning on buying presents for. Then I plan out what sort of thing each person would like. Now, thanks to Martin Lewis and his glorious Money Saving Expert programme, this year I’ve cut down on the amount of presents I need to buy by suggesting to certain people that we do something together instead. For my university friends this was a win (we’re all still poor students at heart!!) and I’ve got a few lovely dinners & cinemas trips planned. So yes, think about which friends or family you’d be happy to cut out the present buying – and stick to enjoy their presence rather than their presents. That was bad, I’m sorry.

Next? Planning

When I know the people I want to buy for, and have a rough idea of what to get, I go online. Then I spend and hour or so looking for what I could get, pricing it up and making sure it fits within my set budget for each person. I try and have a back up for people like my parents, just in case one of my sibling has the same idea!

Lastly… the purchasing

Now my aim is always to avoid going into town if possible, so anything that can be purchased online, is indeed purchased online. After I’ve exhausted that option, I make a list of what I want to buy in town, and head on in. Hopefully, since I’ve got my list, it wont take too long.


So there you go, operation Christmas Present Buying 2018. And if all this does is remind you to get buying, then I’ll consider this post a success! Happy present hunting everyone – and be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram as we’ve got some special Christmas products on the way!