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Christmas Crafts

Looking for a homemade gift to give? We've got some ideas! 


Growing up, my siblings and I used to make presents to give to our aunts, uncles and grandparents. These were always made either in well in advance, or at the absolute last minute, and would range from bookmarks to candle holders… but were loved and appreciated all the same. If you’re looking for a small, homemade gift idea to make and give as presents then here a few that might help!


  1. Felt Christmas Stocking

You’ll need:

  • Felt (Christmassy colours!)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Needle & thread
  • Ribbon



  1. Use a template (online or drawn for you super arty people!) to cut out a stocking shape from the felt. You’ll need 2 pieces for each stocking.
  2. Cut a white rectangular strip of felt for the top of the stocking, making it a little wider than the top of the stocking. Glue it into place.
  3. Place the two felt stocking shapes together and secure them with safety pins (please do help the little ones when doing this!!) Starting at the top of the stocking, stitch both sides together. It doesn’t matter if you can see the stitches, just as long as they’re firmly in place
  4. With the other pieces of coloured felt, cut out some shapes to decorate. Stick them onto the front piece.
  5. Stitch or glue a piece of ribbon or cord into the top corner of the stocking in a loop, so that it’s ready to be hung.
  6. Leave the glue to dry fully, and you’re stocking is ready to go!



  1. Hot Chocolate Ornaments

You’ll need:

  • Clear plastic baubles (you can get these online or in craft stores!)  
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Mini marshmallows
  • M&Ms (or something similar)
  • Sprinkles – preferably red/white/green
  • You’ll need to create (or buy) some kind of funnel too!



  1. Remove the top of your ornament and pour in the hot chocolate mix. The amount will depend on how large the bauble is – you want to fill about 1/3 rd
  2. Next add in the sprinkles, giving a decent covering
  3. Then your M&Ms, or whatever sweets you’ve chosen, making an even layer on top of the sprinkles
  4. Lastly the marshmallows! Make sure you’re able to fit the top back on once everything is in!
  5. You could add some festive gift tags as a final flourish – and they’re ready to give away!



  1. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

These are super easy to make and look really effective too! So whether you’re giving them away, or using them yourself – definitely worth a try.

You’ll need:

  • Battery operated tea lights
  • A black permanent marker
  • Red pipe cleaners
  • Red ribbon
  • Mini red pompoms
  • Black felt
  • Orange permanent marker (if you want it)
  • Glue gun (or really strong glue)



  1. With the ‘flame’ pointing up, draw on two dots above for eyes, then four underneath for the mouth – like lumps of coal.  
  2. Cut a pipe cleaner about 6cm long
  3.  Curve it around the tea light, and add glue on either end to hold it in place. You don’t want to glue it entirely on, so make sure its just the two ends.
  4. Glue on a pompom where the ear would be, so it looks like your snowman is wearing earmuffs!
  5. Cut a piece of ribbon about 11cm long, and cross it over so it looks like a scarf, gluing it together at the join
  6. Add a small amount of glue to the back of the scarf and attach it to the bottom of the tea light, so he has a scarf underneath.
  7. If you want to hang your snowman, cut a thinner piece of ribbon and slide it under the pipe cleaner. Tie the ribbon together so you can hang him anywhere!
  8. If you want to, you can colour in the flame with an orange marker, so it’ll look like a carrot even when the light is off.
  9. You could be extra creative and decorate your snowmen in different ways! Maybe give them a top hat!


Well, hopefully that gives you a few ideas of some festive crafts! Let us know if you have a go at any by contacting us via Facebook or Instagram



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