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Back to School Checklist (Incl. Name Labels)

Back to School Checklist (Incl. Name Labels)


As the summer holidays tick away, the task of preparing for “back-to-school” starts to weigh heavier on parents’ minds.  The best way to rid yourself of organisation woes is to make a plan and start ticking off the to do list ASAP! This way you’ll avoid a mad panic at the very end of August and be able to enjoy more relaxed time with your children before a new school year begins.


In fact, we have tried to make a good start on the planning for you! In this post we’ll list the basic things that need to be found, fixed, bought or done to be prepared. Not forgetting, of course, labelling new things or re-labelling old things (if you’re handing down items or updating the information like the year group or class name!)


To be found, fixed or bought:


Everyday uniform (maybe trousers, shorts, skirts or dresses, shirts or polo shirts, jumpers, socks and comfortable, hand-wearing shoes). Top tip: find out if your child’s school runs a second hand shop to save some pennies and reduce waste!

PE kit such as polo shirts, plimsolls or trainers and socks. Top tip: when it comes to polo shirts, if you have a choice of colour, pick a red or blue over a white one as it will stay looking cleaner for longer!

All that PE kit will need to go in a PE kit bag! We have some really popular options on our website which are fantastic value: LOL Doll PE bags and Toy Story PE bags


Swimming kit if your child will be taking swimming lessons

Lightweight waterproof jacket

Hat and gloves

Top tip: If you are buying new items, it’s a good idea to keep the receipts safe in case there has been any confusion and anything needs to be switched (or if you are unhappy with the quality!)

Stationery if they bring their own:

Pencils, pencil sharpener, rubber, ruler, a few colouring pencils and pens all in a pencil case.

On our website you'll find My Little Pony pencil cases and Disney Cars pencil cases 

Note: Some schools recommend which stationery products children should bring so as to suit their teaching methods, so just look out for this!



Lunch box

Water bottle


Book bag or rucksack (We have some fantastic LOL Dolls backpacks and book bags on our website!)



To be done:


Once you’ve got the essentials together, the next VERY important step is labelling ALL OF THEM so they don’t go missing on Day 1 and need to be re-bought! At Nametags4U we offer various labelling products to suit your preferences…

For clothing, our iron on name labels have long been parents’ go-to option. They can be applied in seconds and have been known to stay stuck on for years!



Another option for clothing is our stick on name labels which can be used for clothing when they are stuck onto the silky care label inside garments.


Alternatively, our name stamps are really popular for clothing as they are such a quick means of labelling garments. If you have one child then the single Stampaname would be perfect. If you have multiple children, our Multistamp is very good value and extremely convenient as you can have up to 4 names on 1 block. It comes with an ink pad so you can keep the block forever and simply buy a replacement ink pad when you run out!


For stationery:

In general, our stick on name labels are the best for stationery like pencil cases, rules, rubbers and more.

They work well on pencils, too, but if you want to know the most fiddle-free option, be sure to look at our sets of 20 personalised colouring pencils and set of 12 rubber-ended HB pencils!  They come ready-personalised and will ensure that no other children pick up your child’s pencils by mistake!

For lunch boxes and water bottles:

Our stick on name labels are perfect for these because they are not only waterproof but dishwasher-proof too!


There are just a few tasks left on the to do list:


Check your child has completed any holiday homework or tasks set by their new or old teacher


Check to see if there are any special trips or events during the first couple of weeks back. Will anything need to be prepared beforehand?


Check the policy of the school if your child is changing school- are they allowed things they weren’t previously allowed, or vice versa?


Check the school has up-to-date contact details, especially emergency contact details


Check the school knows about any changes to your child’s health such as a new need to wear glasses, or allergies your child has (and it’s good to stick the relevant labels on their lunch box to raise the extra awareness like the ones below!)



Good luck with your back-to-school preparations, we hope your child has a very happy new school year! 


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