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Reusable Nappy Service

A Laundry Business for Reusable Nappies

Following on from our small business ideas, here is an interesting one!

Lots of mums these days like the idea of cloth nappies, partly because they are cheaper than disposables, but also because they are better for the environment.  Disposable ones will fill up landfill sites and some say they will take centuries to decompose!

Nearly 8 million nappies are thrown away every day in the UK; that's 3 billion a year. More disposable nappies are found in UK household waste than anything else. 

Though many green-thinking parents love the idea of cloth nappies they feel they don’t have the time for all the washing and drying – and of course the washing part of it costs money which may cancel out the cost of cheaper nappies in the first place.

If you start up a nappy laundry business you can either provide a pickup and delivery service and take the nappies back to your own home for washing, or you can take them to a commercial launderette. 

If you use your own home and washing machine the overheads will be much lower.

Your target market is easy to identify – it’s mainly mums (and dads and maybe grandparents or childminders) so targeting is easy, and word of mouth should work very effectively.

You can advertise in nurseries, playschools, doctors’ surgeries too.

Washing dozens of dirty nappies isn’t the most glamorous business venture so you need to make sure it’s right for you.  If you are passionate about environmental issues and also like to help busy families then this could be just the thing.

And as you can see from the photo you can get very pretty ones these days too :)

Please let us know if you already run such a business or if you already use one!

If you already use cloth nappies you may be interested in labelling them - especially if they go off to be washed. Our iron on labels are the best for cloth.  They don't come off and they won't irritate baby's botty :)

If you use disposable nappies, you may also want to label them - spare nappies can often disappear!  Our stick on labels will be best for labelling these.  They can also be used for all types of other items needed in nursery or school - bags, beakers, bottles etc.  They are fully dishwasher-proof and sterliser-proof

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